Custom Doors

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination

What is a custom door? Often, it starts with a quick sketch from the architect’s hand, or an idea that springs to life from the cocktail napkin where it was born. Either way, it is a quality door that’s made to order.

Nothing is out of bounds. Shapes: we can do curves, ellipticals, rounds, arches, virtually any shape you can put on paper. Panels can be v-grooved, planked or beaded. You can choose from any species that matches your decor, even mix species if that’s your dream. We stock 14 different species and can custom resaw virtually any species to your order. After all, that’s the definition of a custom door.

In the past, custom doors were built in a completely different workflow. Lead times were long, production started with a drawing. At today’s Buffelen, with the joinery defined by CAD drawings, and the ability to adjust tooling virtually on the fly, nearly every door we make can be built to different specifications, different profiles, without slowing down production.

We offer a full package for custom homes: the Individual House Package - exteriors, interiors, bifolds, sidelights and transoms, all from a single supplier. Custom jambs, brick molds, astragals and sills are available to match in the same species.

So let’s talk. The very word “custom” means that it may not have been done before. Show us your sketches; get us your specs, tell us what species or even combination of species matches your decor. Curved, elliptical, round... we can make your wildest dreams come true. For architects, designers, builders and distributors, it’s the ultimate in flexibility. Made-to-order, quality built doors delivered on time, on budget, every time.